Your Art’s Great So Why Are You Hiding It? Getting confident with Social Media, Journalists and the Press.

Every wondered why other artists are featured in the media? Are you confident with Social Media, Journalists and the Press?

I wish I could find someone to promote me so I could just make art is a pretty common entreaty.  I hear it almost daily.

It’s tough out there.

Hard-working visual artists are adjusting to big changes like galleries closing, burgeoning social media and an explosion of new demands to be ‘out-there’ and visible.

Open studios, open homes, pop-up exhibitions and shops, art awards are great – if you’ve convinced your audience to leave home and attend your event.

This workshop will turn things around.

Your Art’s Great So Why Are You Hiding It? Getting confident with Social Media, Journalists and the Press is presented by arts journalist, Paula Silbert and leading Arts Marketeer, Alison Welburn.

In just one day, you’ll receive

  1. Tried and tested ways to receive thousands of dollars of free media.

  2. Simple ways to get the best out of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn.

  3. Essential ingredients for your next Media Release.

  4. What you must (and mustn’t) say to journalists.

  5. A Step-by-step Media Release check-list.

  6. Easy ways to identify the media that’s good for you, your studio and your event

  7. Guided practice and investigation on your device – or (if you don’t have one) learning and getting confident while closely watching other participants practice on theirs.

  8. It’s enjoyable, no-stress learning.

  9. Yummy morning and afternoon tea, and lunch provided.

And don’t worry if you don’t have a device or feel downright terrified. It’s no-stress learning - everything will be explained in simple terms.

You can watch and ask those more experienced as they try our suggestions – it really works.

Read genuine testimonials below

City of Cockburn. May 2016

Thank you for a very worthwhile experience. Enlightening AND enjoyable. Can’t wait to do more of Paula’s fantastic workshops.
Sheryl Chant

Thank-you, Paula! A great workshop which really kicked me up the butt to get a few loose ends final tied up!
Sandy Caskell