Artist Oxygen

It’s easy to see and remember other’s 2016 accomplishments.
Not so simple to recollect your own.
So, right now, let’s take time out to reflect on the year.

Take a breath, here goes…

  • What was I doing when I remembered that being an artist/maker/curator/arts manager was downright amazing. (Check!)
  • What piece, process or moment did I personally love the most? (Check!)
  • Who was I talking to when I realised, 'Here’s a practitioner who genuinely understands what I’m saying and experiencing?' (Check!)
  • What new project, piece or technique did I actually start exploring? (Check!)
  • Who did I meet whose work wasn’t necessarily my cup-of-tea but, by the end of the conversation, I related to, and I liked them and their art a whole lot more? (Check!)
  • What things on that pain-in-the-backside ‘To Do’ list that’s meant to make me a professionally developed artist, were attempted? (Check!)
  • Did I drag myself out of my studio and the usual places I go, and meet some new creatives? (Check!)

Here’s the thing.

You might not have noticed how many steps forward you made this year.
So, before it’s gone, take a few moments to acknowledge the ones you did.
Well done!

Keep breathing life into the Arts. You matter.