Achieve your artistic aspirations

Surviving the Visual Arts and Media with Practical Steps, Tough Love and Good Old Common Sense will guide you through the questions you need to ask yourself, and the goals you need to set to achieve your artistic aspirations.

While personal development is integral to many jobs these days, it is not necessarily that way with a career in the arts. So, I will give you practical, relevant working booklets and planners l-o-n-g after the workshop has finished. You will also receive individualised and personalised advice from me throughout the sessions - and form invaluable working partnerships with other participants.  

Whether your goal is “I want to win my local art prize” or “I want a New York gallery” or “I have a fantastic idea for a pop-up event”- we will tackle it together.

We’ll explore the real challenges and provide a map for positive change. Solutions to the following will be discussed and shared;

  • Being an Exhibitionist – solo, group, pop-up, open studio

  • Finding your Fans and leading them to your exhibition

  • OMG! My art doesn’t speak for itself! (What your clients, fans and media expect you to be able to say. Media Releases, speeches, interviews, gallery tours and Artist Statements).

  • Brushing up your Five Year Plan and getting ready to succeed

  • 40 Really, Really, Really Important Things for Visual Artists To Know

Artist Workshops

Who’s already benefitted from this workshop?
Visual artists, crafts practitioners, designer makers, illustrators, cartoonists, mural artists, public artists, emerging, mid-career and established artists, art teachers and their peers. Because every skill and each session is relevant right now.

Who else loves the results?
Artist groups, Arts Councils, Cities, Shires, Towns, Chambers of Commerce, Galleries and Arts Centres.

Art centres, museums, empty gallery spaces, corporate boardrooms, community recreation centre meeting rooms, halls…

It’s two consecutive days with a 9.00am start and 4.30pm finish on both days. Attendance at every session on both days is a must. Part time, single day and sessional attendance is not available (because every absence impacts the progress of the group and affects each individual).

Workshop size
For maximum effectiveness we accept 20 practitioners per workshop.


Ask your arts manager, arts group president, Chamber of Commerce or Arts or fill out the form below for more information or to make a booking.