Mentoring for Artists and Creative Industry Professionals


Mentoring for Artists and Creative Industry Professionals


What is your Artistic Vision? No, really.
Have you given yourself the time and space to clarify what you really want to achieve in your practice?

Still working in isolation?
One-on-one mentoring makes an enormous difference.

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What happens in a mentoring session?

It's a confidential sounding board - a place to talk about, and get feedback on the opportunities and challenges frequently experienced by artists, arts managers, academics and entrepreneurs. It can be face-to-face, on the phone or by Skype.

 What can mentoring do to improve your arts practice?

The purpose of mentoring is to look at what's important and to figure out and prioritise actions which help refine your focus and delivery. The agenda is created by you so it might include

  • artistic considerations
  • studio practice
  • exhibitions, pop-ups, awards, grants
  • arts management
  • commercial ambitions
  • marketing .

What will I learn that I don't know already?

I provide an outside perspective and support for your artistic vision and aims.

I am committed to giving friendly, unbiased feedback. This includes being honest and constructive, including revealing my own experiences (both successes and failures) in the Creative Industries, small business, project management, curatorial, education and media.

Do you have a mentor?

Yes. I don’t recommend anything I haven’t experienced myself. The feedback and support I receive adds a quality to my practice, accomplishments and enjoyment that I can't achieve by just trying harder.