Four Drop Dead Absolute Essentials for Artists


Four Drop Dead Absolute Essentials for Artists

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Galleries and good exhibition spaces are in such demand. So, if you'd like to know what gallery directors, arts centre managers and audiences want from promising exhibitors, join me at Four Drop Dead Absolute Essentials for Artists. (What gallerists, funders, fans and your peers totally need)


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Galleries are closing down left, right and centre.

So, it’s never been more important to know exactly what’s required to be represented by the ones still delivering dynamic support.

Give yourself a chance. Learn how to be ready to meet a gallery director or art centre manager. (I’ll tell you exactly what galleries have been telling me).

Don’t want gallery  representation - intending to go solo, hire a space and do it yourself? Come and learn really helpful hints.

What you’ll receive

In two (2) action and information packed hours, we’ll focus on and exchange solutions on the following vital steps:

  • Practice and Priorities. How to make beautiful art while juggling life’s irritating responsibilities.

  • making₁ + maRkETing₂ + mENTORing₃. The formula for success.

  • Fake it till you make it! Be your own agent – behave like a gallerist, curator and arts manager (so you’ve got a better chance of being selected).

  • Amazing! I saw your art at... Galleries promote and sell, but chances are you’ll probably need other outlets, too. Where, when and why to show your work.

  • Peer discussions – engage with other artists and makers and ask for feedback

  • Take home practical, relevant working documents that you’ll refer to long after the workshop has finished

  • Morning tea provided

Join me and a fantastic bunch of artists, designers and makers as we uncover accessible and easy-to-understand solutions that are relevant to your artistic goals.

Who’s already benefitted from this workshop?

Hundreds of visual artists, crafts practitioners, designer makers, illustrators, cartoonists, mural artists, public artists, emerging, mid-career and established artists, art teachers and their peers.

Who else loves the results?

Individual artists, artist collectives and groups, Arts Councils, Cities, Shires, Towns, Chambers of Commerce, Galleries and Arts Centres.


It’s two and a half solution-packed hours!

Workshop size

For individuals, gather together ten of your practitioner peers for a bespoke session just for you.

Alternatively, speak with your Chamber of Commerce or Arts Department, arts manager or arts group president to coordinate inspiring workshops for your network. We accept up-to 30+ practitioners per session.


Art centres, museums, empty gallery spaces, corporate boardrooms, community recreation centre meeting rooms, halls…

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