The Art Primer

While personal development is 'baked in' with so many jobs these days, it is not necessarily that way with a career in the arts. This insight drove Paula to create her very first two-hour practitioner workshop. 

With no shortage of encouragement, she now offers a complete series - two hour to two day experiences.

The Art Primer provides a foundation that sets the creative up for substantial progress. Meeting each Artist where they are at, from 'I want a New York gallery' to 'I want to win my local art prize' Paula tackles real-life challenges, supports community building in each workshop and every mentoring session, and provides a map for positive change.


Upcoming Workshops


Are you an artist seeking practical steps to establish or improve your arts practice, studio or business in the Goldfields? Paula Silbert, renowned arts consultant, curator and media personality will guide you through a game-changing self-marketing workshop.

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